For every company that exists today the progress is made through technology. We live in times when we can put an e in front of every business process and implement it in a software solution. That means progress today.

"We started to develop custom software in 2001. Without knowing at the time, we began a long journey that would only bring us satisfaction. On this journey
we had the privilege to meet extraordinary people who have assured us of all their trust. Thank you all and I hope that we managed to live up to expectations.

We are pleased to meet you in our journey. "

Voicu Stoiciu, CEO

Cosmin Oprișan, IT Country Service Manager
OMV Romania
April 2007
""The software solutions made by e-concept and the advices that they gave us to meet the needs of our day to day work, put me in a position of not only thanking them but also giving them an A+" "

Sorin Alexoi, General Manager
February 2009
""Since the solution implemented by our new friends at e-concept began to work, I discover each day, the power of an integrated software""

Dan Ștefănescu, Flight Manager
April 2009
"The solutions that they proposed to our problems were quickly implemented and in 2 months I had a software system specially prepared for the way we work, which is now in production and spare us every month of hundreds of hours of calculations and verification of aviation regulations."

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