RADCOM is a telecommunications company that develops, integrates and supports TelCo software platforms and call center services. RADCOM, a trusted partner of major international IT companies, provides software development, integration and customization, consultancy services, manufacturing LED displays, onboard vehicle computers, GSM and radio installations and other services in the field. 
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Case study

Collaborative project management
  • Use the same resource about all project managers
  • Managing multiple projects for each manager
  • Follow-up the made activities and providiing information for biling and payroll

Project Management Colaborativ

  Mod de realizare

System allows all project managers to know in real time status of each resource and its degree of occupation. A resource can not be planned at the same time for all project managers.

On the other hand, the time spend by project managers to carry out manual reports after work completed should be minimized so that their activities will be oriented to optimize planning and not by editing reports.

  • Certainly that is no overlapping resources
  • Speed with which it is made the plan and its modifications
  • Human error elimination
  • Data centralization
  • Informing managers on-time about emercency situation
  • Detalied reporting activity and performace
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