Auto Parser for SAP (AP4SAP) is a process automation and monitoring application of file transfers from POS systems to the SAP system

The system includes the following mechanisms:
* Daily retrieve files from POS
* Checking files according to defined algorithms and generate the appropriate messages in case of errors
* Transfering files to SAP server and keeping the operations carried out
in historic preservation
* Generating reports
* Planning transfer operations to specific days or conditions. 
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Mădălina Burcan
BPD - OMV Romania
In my work I need trustful people that I can count on. My partners at e-concept proved this to me every time I called them.Whether it was about designing a new plan to integrate other business processes or it was about getting information for important decisions at top-level management in OMV Romania, their ideas have exceeded my expectations! I work very well with everyone at e-concept during our collaboration, and besides delivering good solutions that I'd need, they supply constant feedback on our internal processes.
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