ISC Tracking System allows planning and tracking of persons who have to perform external job-related missions. The system allows the planning of employee activities, monitoring performance and alerts when certain tasks must finalize.

Based on the managed information ISC Tracking can automatically generate reports that help in calculating the allowance for each employee.

The system also includes a dashboard that monitors employees georgrafically, highlighting then on the world map. If a person in needed in a certain location, you can choose the nearest resource that can perform the desired action. 
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Case study

Automated operations
  • Respect when making plans all internal parametres.
  • Minimizing the time of verificatin plans. In critical situations have to act quickly.
  • Legislative compliance.

Operatiuni automatizate

  Mod de realizare

Opertional departaments should able to plan with as little effort, ensuring that all regulations are met and business indicators ware taken into account.

Can shape the rules and verification mechanisms to be made automatically. Also, definig certain rules of verification and automation largely eliminate the errors caused by human intervention which in many cases lead to major financial losses.

Another aspect is the generation of reports and statistics on the departament and employees activity.

  • Safety that all regulations are complied
  • Speed with which changes are made in the current plan
  • Human error elimination
  • Data centralization
  • Movement freedom
  • Informing on-time the managers about emergency situation
  • Detalied reporting of activity and performance
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