PVS Online is a CRM system adapted to specific customer needs.

It is a centralized web-based solution that allows standardization and tracking of the sales performance staff to decision-makers at micro and macro level and business document management (creation and flow-chart of these documents).

The solutions bring the following benefits:
* better organization of sales agents,
* better monitoring of sales staff,
* process development standardization and flow of documents,
* adding information in the database is easier,
* improving the flexibility of the database, in terms of accessibility and the types of reports.
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Sorin Alexoi
General Manager - Piaviss
I couldn't believe that I would be able to manage my sales team so well. Since the solution implemented by our new friends at e-concept began to work, I discover each day, the power of an integrated software. My people no longer lose valuable time searching for information through various sources before their meetings, now they check only PVSOnline. Not to talk about new contracts, before the implementation they were approved in a few days: now it takes on average between 30 and 60 minutes to finalize a contract with all necessary internal approvals!
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