ReportFlow Control System is intended for national companies that have branches in the country and want to improve the communication and management.

The purpose of this system is to facilitate the way in which the working points report to headquarters.

A second goal of RFC is to provide a high power of centralization and be an effective tool to control the flow of documents within the company.

The systems has the following benefits:
* automatically generates reports for each site
* notify users obout overcoming deadlines for completing the reports
* consolidate data in national or regional reports
* makes it easy to send the information and ensure consistency 
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Mădălina Burcan
BPD - OMV Romania
In my work I need trustful people that I can count on. My partners at e-concept proved this to me every time I called them.Whether it was about designing a new plan to integrate other business processes or it was about getting information for important decisions at top-level management in OMV Romania, their ideas have exceeded my expectations! I work very well with everyone at e-concept during our collaboration, and besides delivering good solutions that I'd need, they supply constant feedback on our internal processes.
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