Car Fleet Management

Car Fleet Management
A car fleet management, serves the needs of corporate managers that the revenue costs of the fleet should be highlighted and analyzed in detail.
Provides a clear, overall and real time VIEW on all processes necessary to carry out the work. 
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Case study

Efficent fleet management
  • Tracking turnover machine and ware parts
  • Follow the undisciplined drivers
  • Reporting direct and indirect cost with car park
  • Respect the legislation

Management parc auto

  Mod de realizare

The objective is to do more efficient work from all points of view: better contracts with suppliers, fewer accidents, cheapest revisions, lower fuel costs, etc.

Internal management procedures for fleet can be implemented in a computer system that can eliminate human intervention which makes hard to obtain information and can cause errors.

Statistics and reports for top management can be done automatically by a computer system.

  • Saftey that all regulations are complied
  • Speed data processing
  • Human error elimination
  • Data centralization
  • Information on-time for situations that requiring human intervention
  • Detalied reporting of activity and performance


Marius Dumitrașcu
Car Fleet Manager - TNT Romania
The e-concept team knows how to understand your needs. For the first time when they've entered the door of TNT Romania until today, their first and foremost objective was that we need to make our job better. SEPA brought major changes that helps us in our work and with their help I understood why software is so important in everyday activities. If I have a problem with a driver, I give two clicks and I find everything I want about him. Fleet costs have decreased and my personal and departament effectiveness has doubled since I started using SEPA. For 6 years I'm working with e-concept, and I have recommended and I will continue to recommend them to others with all my heart.
Sorin Alexoi
General Manager - Piaviss
I couldn't believe that I would be able to manage my sales team so well. Since the solution implemented by our new friends at e-concept began to work, I discover each day, the power of an integrated software. My people no longer lose valuable time searching for information through various sources before their meetings, now they check only PVSOnline. Not to talk about new contracts, before the implementation they were approved in a few days: now it takes on average between 30 and 60 minutes to finalize a contract with all necessary internal approvals!


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