Operational management is the main factor of production, being a substantial economic resource, providing mainly for an efficient use of both work and capital, increasing productivity.

The management system of organization, operational management sets its main objective to maintain operability within the parameters of production quality, quantity and time required by the fundamental characteristics of production, at an optimum economic efficiency.

For example, an airline, the production process is to transport passengers and their baggage to certain destinations, for a school, these relate to educate students and hospital care for patients.

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Case study

Automated operations
  • Respect when making plans all internal parametres.
  • Minimizing the time of verificatin plans. In critical situations have to act quickly.
  • Legislative compliance.

Operatiuni automatizate

  Mod de realizare

Opertional departaments should able to plan with as little effort, ensuring that all regulations are met and business indicators ware taken into account.

Can shape the rules and verification mechanisms to be made automatically. Also, definig certain rules of verification and automation largely eliminate the errors caused by human intervention which in many cases lead to major financial losses.

Another aspect is the generation of reports and statistics on the departament and employees activity.

  • Safety that all regulations are complied
  • Speed with which changes are made in the current plan
  • Human error elimination
  • Data centralization
  • Movement freedom
  • Informing on-time the managers about emergency situation
  • Detalied reporting of activity and performance


Dan Ștefănescu
Flight Manager - Blue-Air
Blue-Air was and is still rising. To achieve this we had to strive for perfection in every aspect implied by the commercial air transport operations. Our collaboration with people at e-concept came when we no longer cope with manual record tracking. The solutions that they proposed to our problems were quickly implemented and in 2 months I had a software system specially prepared for the way we work, which is now in production and spare us every month of hundreds of hours of calculations and verification of aviation regulations. I must also thank them for the dedication and the outstanding character they have shown in critical situations. If we had a problem, it did not matter that it's weekend or it's 23:00 hours, which is why they have all my respect.
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